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Received what I ordered.

Help needed

I have had trouble getting it to print dark enough
No phone number to call for help, still waiting on tech support to give me either a way to fix it or arrange a return and refund. I bought the pro so that I could use the Bluetooth or wifi option so that I can work from my phone as this is what works best for me and it is not working

Easy set up

for someone that tends to freeze when I have to do tech stuff - this was an easy setup and use. The only thing I have to remember is to make sure I have the correct printer selected

Don’t Bother! Doesn’t Work. Won’t Call To Fix.

Don’t waste your money. They won’t contact you when asked. You can’t contact them. The printer arrive dead. Won’t turn on and can’t get a refund as there is no way of getting in contact!!


It was shit and didn't work

Fanfold Blank Thermal Shipping Labels (100 x 150mm / 4 x 6")

Crap you

Where is my parcel


Order was extremely delayed then order wasn’t fulfilled. Wasn’t the best experience to be honest

Roll Express Thermal Shipping Labels (100 x 205mm)

Doesn’t work

Hi, I have reached out as nothing prints on the label but have not had a response back..

Can’t use them as printer doesn’t work

Brought the AUSPRINT pro printer with the extra labels and was excited to have it delivered.
It doesn’t work no matter what I try. Plus the company ignores my request for help.
I think the reviews on their website must be fake. It’s such a shame as I was so excited about my purchase and have been let down by the company.

Really wanted to love it, but not working, and no support

The packaging and look of the printer is pretty ace. For the get go, I really wanted to love it, and so hoped that it was super easy to setup…
Unfortunately, not the case.
They have a good setup guide, but it’s still pretty complicated, especially to get set up to print wireless natively on a Mac.
Finally got it set up, but print quality isn’t great. I believe that this can be fixes fairly easily, but there’s not a guide on how to for native printing.
Have reached out to support a few times now, and am yet to hear back…

Ripper printer

This printer is great for our e-commerce business - being able to auto sign the Aus post declaration saves us heaps of time and putting our logo on the shipping label looks much more professional!

Roll Holder
Stay away from this scam of a company

Still waiting for a refund! No response, nothing.
Will be taking legal action from Monday

AUSPRINT Starter Pack
Bianca Victoria
Best Label Printer!

Has really made printing labels so much more quicker and easier! Thank you so much!

Software doesn’t work, can’t connect, disgusting customer service

Would give 0 star if I could, The driver is not recommended by operating software, Could be Trojan horse who knows, even the installation tutorial blacks out the screen so you can not see the message displayed. The installation is a night mate even in the tutorial and still doesn’t work. Customer service is very unprofessional, when contacted them I was told to take a step back and relax! Seriously who says that to a customer after they just spent $350
Stay clear of this, buy a proper brand that’s not put together by kids. They claim to have sold 10,000 of these but still can’t get a driver that works.

AUSPRINT Thermal Label Printer (203DPI)
Temaana Sanderson-Bromley

AUSPRINT Thermal Label Printer (203DPI)

Can’t set up wifi connect

Been trying to set up wifi so many times. I should’ve purchase the one that has Bluetooth only not the AUSPRINT Pro, to complicated and it’s really annoying. It should be simple to set up like other printer.

Damaged rolls

The rolls were not secure enough if the box they came in so a couple have arrived damaged and almost unusable due to them being squished


Awesome! So easy to use


“I got a pair of printer from store and I’m very satisfied. They are high-quality and worth the money. The store also offered free shipping at that price so that’s a plus!”

Fanfold vs Roll

Fanfold labels can be used without the supplied roll holder by being set directly behind the printer and create a cleaner more minimalist look.

Roll labels should be used with the supplied roll holder by being loaded onto the stand and make for more convenient and smooth printing operations.

Blank Labels

Compatible with all domestic couriers and shipping companies

Eg. Australia Post, Sendle, Couriers Please, Aramex + Many More

These labels have a triple resistance coating protecting them from water, oil and alcohol

Size : 100 x 150mm (A6) or 4 x 6”

Express Labels

Designed for Australia Post

Compatible with :

MyPost Business

These labels have a triple resistance coating protecting them from water, oil and alcohol

Size : 100 x 205mm


To use the AUSPRINT with a computer, a wired connection must be established.

In the box we provide a standard USB-A to USB-B printer cable, however if you have a newer computer without USB-A ports (Such as an apple macbook 2016+ model), then you will require an alternative cable or an adapter.

Roll Holder

To use label rolls with your printer, you will require a label holder which you can purchase directly from us.